5 Things Oct 29: 2 More Days till Halloween!

What are you going to be this Halloween?


1. This day in history October 29, 1929: The Stock Market Crash on Black Tuesday on the New York Stock Exchange. Billions of dollars were lost wiping out thousands of investors. Stock tickers ran hours behind because the machinery could not handle the tremendous volume of trading. Partly due to the crash America and the rest of the industrialized world spiraled downward into the Great Depression of the 1930's. Some of the closing prices from that day are listed here: US Steel 175, Westinghouse Electric 125, American Telephone 220 and American Can 119.

2. Let's sing a song or two! Chorus at the Canton Council on the Aging at 10:00 a.m.

3. The Mass Audubon Visual Arts Center at 963 Washington Street is offering a program for children ages 2 - 5 years and will run every Monday from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. It will include a story, an activity and an art project. Each week there will be a different theme. Today's theme is Pumpkins and Seeds. Go explore the grounds and look for seeds around the sanctuary. You'll finish by painting pumpkins. Fee: $3. for members adult/child and $5. for non-member pair. (There will be no program on Veteran's Day November 12).

Next weeks theme class on November 5 will be Art & Seek: Colors in Nature. Contact: (781)821-8853 for more information.

4. The Canton Council on the Aging is taking reservations now for their November 14 trip to Mohegam Sun. Fee: $25. for the trip, $15. food credit and $15. free bet. Contact: (781)828-1323

5. Send us your Halloween Costume Photos  if you haven't done so already. And we want your pet photos too!


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