Art Work by Mass Hospital School Students featured at The Akillian Gallery

Changing Perceptions and Celebrating Differences Through Art


Imaginative and observationally inspired works by the students at the Mass Hospital School are on display through Nov 30 at the Akillian Gallery at Massasoit Community College.

There are forty pieces which include monoprints, paintings, flower rubbings, collage and textile art.

The mission of The Massachusetts Hospital School, founded in 1907, is to provide medical, habilitative, rehabilitative, recreational, educational and vocational services to children and young adults with multiple disabilities and assisting them to achieve their maximum level of independence in all aspects of life.

In the center of the gallery stands a large round pole which was covered in 'Peace Flags' made by each of the Mass Hospital School students. They are based on Prayer Flags of Tibet which has been a tradition in Tibet for over 2,000 years.

The colors are of the five elements: blue for sky or space, white for air or clouds, red for fire, green for water and yellow for earth. In Tibet, these flags were hung over mountain passes and rivers to beneft all who would pass underneath.

Here is a list of the featured artists: Malcolm W., Mark F., Tim M., Josh P., Josh D., Ryan S., Dominick O., Tim M., Danielle D., Caroline C., Christine Y., Brain C., Matt C., Ali A., Nick P., Coltin R., Brian O., Megan C., Miranda C., Saadia J., Daniele L., Efraim F., Zack E., Nick O. and Jackie D.

The Akillian Gallery has an upcomong event Dec 4 which runs through Dec 7, the Annual Prints and Pottery Holiday Sale which will feature Massasoit student and faculty work for one of a kind gift giving.

For more information contact: (781)821-2222 ext. 2124



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