Canton Patch Business Spotlite: Lainer Animal Hospital

Canton Patch interviews Dr. Gary Lainer.

Most of you readers are not old enough to remember the days when a family had one doctor to administer to their needs. You could call him up and speak to him directly day or night. He'd know you by name and fit you in or be seen the very same day. If you needed a specialist, he would arrange it through his office to be taken care of for you.

The Lainer Animal Hospital has adhered to this approach from the day that it opened it's doors 23 years ago. Emergeny calls at night, surgery, dentistry, cardiac and orthopedic special procedures performed on site are what Dr. Gary Lainer and the Lainer Animal Hospital offer to your pets.

Lainer has practiced medicine for over 30 years and his experience and very current medical techniques ensure you the best quality care for a reasonable cost.

'It's a service industry,' says Dr. Lainer. 'If my clients are not happy and their pets are not healthy under my care, then they will not return. I see kids of kids whose animals I treated years ago. Some even find themselves in photos that we have here on the walls in their Halloween finest with their childhood pets at our annual costume parade.'

'Being the only doctor on staff affords a trust unparralleled in multi doctor animal hospitals. Your pet is not a file passed on to the next veterinarian taking over a case. Our personalized care is the motvating goal from the time you call until treatments are concluded,' said Dr. Lainer.

'Medicine has advanced so rapidly in the last 20 years that there are new multitudes of tests and procedures at our fingertips. Staying current is a daily task of reading and conferring with board certified specialists. For your pets health you need an advocate who can sit down with you and plan how to best care for your four legged friend while spending your money wisely. Too often medicine is practiced by exhausting every test available. If insurance companies foot the bill then every possible cause can be ruled out. But, you the owner pays for your pet and only through a guided practical approach can veterinary medicine be affordable.'

You can contact Lainer Animal Hospital, 355 Turnpike Street at (781)828-0101


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