Canton Patch Business Spotlight: Lovin My Leash

Lovin My Leash owner Darci Cohen talks to Canton Patch on caring for your pets.


Lovin My Leash located in Canton offers many services for your pets. Owner Darci Cohen offers dog walking, pet sitting and house sitting.

Cohen sat down with Canton Patch to let people know she's the one to call when you want to book your vacation but encourages people to interview several before hiring someone to take care of your loved pets.

Patch: What towns have you serviced and which towns are you willing to service?

DC:  Currently, I service Canton, Stoughton, Sharon, Walpole, Norwood and Foxborough and plan to stay within these parameters.

Patch: Describe the most common types of services you offer for your clients.

DC: The most common services I offer are geared to exercise your pet.  The most commonly chosen package is called Walk-N-Play.  This consists of 20 / 25 minutes of walk time, fresh water upon arrival, as well as a few treats as directed by owners at no extra charge.

Patch: What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

DC: Interview more than on potential care giver, check references and go with your instinct who you feel will be the best fit for you and most important your pet.  During the initial interview, keep an eye on their interaction with your pet(s).  Remember the caregiver you hire will be caring for your best friend.       

Patch: What questions should a consumers choose in-home services rather than sending their pet to a kennel or daycare facility?

DC: I feel it is best for pets to stay in their home.  This offers a less stressful environment for your pet while you are away for a few hours, few days, or few weeks.  They are used to your scents and their home and feel comforted by this.

Patch: Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

DC: The key difference is that other companies tend to charge for the basics that I feel should be included in your pet’s experience. This includes feedings, fresh water, treats, and bringing in the mail for the client.

Patch: What do you like most about your job?

DC: As you would probably already suspect - bonding with my clients pets. I love the excitement that the pets have for me when I pick them up for walks. I also enjoy creating lasting and trusting relationships with clients.

Patch: What questions do customers most commonly ask you?

DC: Do I have references?  I answer yes I have several.  I have a welcome folder I provide during the Free Initial Consult, which I am constantly improving by adding more questions and answers I come across during each consult.   

Patch: What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

DC:  I hope that new customers knew that taking care of your pet consists of more than just a small walk to “do their business.” Lovin’ My Leash strives to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Lovin My Leash packages can consist anywhere from of 20 - 35 minutes; potential clients are not aware how much extra time I actually put in with their loved ones/best friend. It’s the little things that can change the day for yourself or your pet. I always provide fresh water, feed (if required), and leave a report card of how they did for the day. This helps you, the customer, feel secure that your friend it being taken care of.

With the above being stated, I never take away from their pets exercise.  Their walk time is most important because it is when I am able to bond with their pet.  

In addition, there is a growing epidemic of obesity in pets, which can cause cardiovascular disease, different kinds of cancers and diabetes to mention a few.

Patch: How did you decide to get in your line of work?

DC:  I have always loved animals since I can remember and worked at a few different clinics in my past but knew I always wanted to be a business owner. 
A very good friend of mine who works in the IT field was aware of my desire to own my own company and my love for animals.  He invited me to his shop for a visit in 2010 and next thing I knew he was showing me a website he created with my contact information all over and low and behold, it was a pet care website.  What a surprise that was.  From then on, I chose to go with it and here I am three-years later.  

Patch: What is your greatest strength?

DC: My Dependability. In this industry, it is more than pertinent I be there when I say I am going to be.  You have trusted me to be in your homes and work with your pets and I will be there when you need me to.

Patch: What are you currently working on improving?      

DC: I am working on connecting with other services in the area to help provide my clients with adequate resources. If they need a groomer or veterinarian or whatever may come up, they can come to me be connected to others in the community.

You can contact Cohen at Lovin My Leash at (774)240-5283 or visit her website at www.lovinmyleash.com


Alex Tingus February 04, 2013 at 07:46 PM
I enjoyed your article! I happen to be friends with the owner of Lovin My Leash, but I have been a dog owner my whole life! I have known Darci since she was a little girl and she has always had that natural connection with all animals. I have never known a pet that didnt bond to Darci right away! A few dogs ago I owned a large and intimidating looking Rotti. named Braxx. He was a little aggressive and he didnt let too many people pat him. I will never forget that I hadnt seen Darci in a few years when I owned Braxx. We got together one day and I had to explain to her that we needed to see if he would be ok with her before I could just let him go and allow her to play with him. She was the only person in his life that he fell in love with the moment he met her. She loved him and he loved her the same. This was how I have always witnessed Darci interacting with dogs- they all take to her asap. She has a natural love for animals that is not in everyone. In my opinion anyone with a pet that reads this article or somehow hears about Darci/ Lovin My Leash should sit down and talk to her about yours and your pets needs because we are all very lucky to have the opportunity to afford our loved ones such amazing care as Darci will provide. She treats all her clients like they are her own pets and she loves them as much too. Your loved one deserves a new friend like Darci so dont hesitate and contact her now! Yes we are friends, but I am so glad she is in my pets lives!
Amy Nachbar February 04, 2013 at 09:12 PM
That's lovely for you to write this on Darci's behalf. I know others will appreciate this as well. Thank you for your post! Amy
Lynne Bernazzani February 05, 2013 at 08:26 PM
I also have known Darci for a very long time and Alex is exactly right, there is something about her that animals gravitate towards. I have cats and if you are a cat owner you will know that they are choosy with whom they allow to touch them and skittish. Every cat I have owned in my lifetime has loved her even if it took a little while to form a trusting bond, like with my 18 year old domestic, Michelob. This cat was abused before I adopted her (at 1 years old) and doesn't like ANYONE near her, but when Darci comes over, guaranteed Michelob can't get enough and is sitting in her lap the entire time begging to be petted. Darci is always more than happy to oblige. For all of you out there who are looking for someone to care for your pet when you can't be there - definately call Lovin My Leash and when your pet meets Darci I can guarantee you will see why I recommend her without hesitation. She genuinely cares and it shows.
melanie February 05, 2013 at 11:12 PM
Darci used to care for my families best friend. Who is no longer with us. Darci took such good care of our Bradley as if he was her own. If your looking for someone who can give the same love and special care that you give, then Darci is your girl. I always felt so comfortable leaving Bradley. Not only did I know he was getting great care I knew the love that he was receiving was genuine. If you love your pet like part of your family like we did then call Lovin My Leash~Darci will step in when you can't be and give the same love that you do.


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