Canton Actress Cindy Lentol

A Little Bit of Hollywood right here in Canton.


Canton resident Cindy Lentol has been a working actress for more than 25 years. You may recognize her since she has been on several episodic television serials as well as many feature films.

Patch: How did you get started in acting?

Lentol: My mother had a friend who had a cable TV wedding show and asked me if I would model bridesmaids’ dresses for the show. The friend gave me great advice about sunscreen, skincare and fashion. The combination of her wisdom and the experience of being on the runway made it an exciting and transformative day. It was at that moment I fell in love with the idea of modeling. My acting career began later when I got a modeling agent and they called me in for a voiceover job. Sometimes unexpected things can lead to a
career transition. I had been sick with mono and my voice changed to a raspier version of what it had been. That illness kicked off my voiceover career and I later began recording commercials.

Patch: Were you open to doing commercial work?

Lentol: I auditioned for everything and anything: commercials, industrials, print ads and small film roles that didn’t pay much. I was juggling a career in computer graphic design/advertising at the same time which was sometimes tricky. I can remember many days of changing clothes in my car during my lunch break, racing to auditions and getting back to work within the hour.

A job layoff gave me the time and space to make the big leap and see what
would happen if I went 'all in'. So I moved to Los Angeles where I tried to
meet as many people as possible. I sent out headshots and resumes everyday to land an agent and had lunch and dinners with friends of friends. I knew I had a long road ahead of me. Despite the ups and downs, it was during my time in California that I became more determined than ever to make acting my main career.

Where was your husband during this time? It must have been difficult to be on opposite ends of the country?

Lentol: My husband was still living in Columbus, Ohio at the time and he called
and said he got a job offer in Boston. My acting career progress wasn’t as speedy as I had hoped so, I decided to continue my passion and path of acting on the East Coast, where I would be more supported by my family who lived nearby. So together we made the move to Boston.

What advice can you give to young performers and people interested in going into the entertainment business?

Lentol: Formal training and sharpen your skills by taking as many classes as you can. I enrolled in Emerson College to try to master the Meisner Technique, which helped me learn to trust my instincts. Become involved in acting groups, improv or private classes.

Patch: How long have you lived in Canton?

Lentol: I have lived in Canton for 12 years with my two boys and husband
who has a subcontracting company, Bay State Building Specialties Inc. I find that Canton is a nice place to live because it enables me to have both a great quality of life and a successful career due to its proximity to several major cities. Keeping a balance between my career, family and community while continuing to challenge myself personally is my ongoing life course.

Some of Lentol's television credits; ' Sexting in Suburbia', 'Body of Proof', 'Providence' and 'Waterfront'.

Her feature film work includes; 'Crooked Arrows', 'The Company Men', 'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past', 'The Game Plan', 'The Departed', 'Mona Lisa Smile', 'Prozac Nation' and 'State & Main'.


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