Stoughton Lending Hand to Victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York/New Jersey Area

Stoughton Police are organizing a donation drive for victims in Staten Island, NY; a Stoughton-based animal rescue team (SSDART) is deploying to New Jersey; and a Stoughton man is one of the Red Cross volunteers sent to New Jersey.

Stoughton Police organizing a donation drive for victims in Staten Island, NY

The Stoughton Police have been running a donation drive since Monday, Nov. 5 for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Donations of non-perishable foods; cleaning products; bottled water; gently used clothing; jackets (and cold weather gear) for men, women and children; packages of new socks; underwear; and toiletries, etc. can be dropped off at the Stoughton Police Station (in the community room) until Saturday, Nov. 10 at 4 p.m.

The Police Station is located on Rose St.

All donations will be packed, loaded into trucks and delivered to the victims in Staten Island, NY, by members of the Stoughton Police Department, according to the SPD Facebook page.

The SPD announced on Facebook that they have received plenty of clothes so far but could use more non-perishable food items, baby food, diapers, water, and unused undergarmets.


Stoughton-based animal rescue team (SSDART) deploying to New Jersey

The following is a release from SSDART:

The Stoughton-based South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team (SSDART) is deploying to the worst hit areas of New Jersey to help with animal relief and sheltering. The team is comprised of volunteers throughout Massachusetts and is set to leave on Sunday.  

SSDART received a request for support after a temporary animal shelter was condemned in New Jersey and supplies and volunteers were depleting very quickly.  

“They need everything, blankets, towels, food for animals, food for humans, generators, you name it, they need it and we are going to bring everything we can get and everything we have” said Team Leader Christopher D’Arpino, a Stoughton resident.  

“We will be gathering donations and supplies, up until we leave on Sunday.”

The team of volunteers is highly qualified and range from EMT to veterinary technician. The team will assist with setting up a temporary animal shelter, and working with state and local authorities in caring for displaced animals.  

With temperatures plummeting, infrastructure in an unstable condition with no electricity and supplies limited, the task of setting up and caring for animals is an enormous job.

“There are other organizations there now and there will be more heading out, we will be at this for at least thirty days. Our team will be part of an ongoing rotation of trained volunteers” explained D’Arpino.  

“Pets are family members and the least we can do is help in any way we can, and we can use any help people are willing to give us”.

The storm may have passed, but the damage is far from repaired.  In many areas power has still not been restored and there are still hundreds of people that are not able to return to their homes.

Donations of human and animal food, blankets, towels, gas cards, generators, power tools, are being accepted.   If you would like to make a donation please go to www.ssdart.org


Red Cross volunteers deployed after Hurricane Sandy

The following is a press release from the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts:

American Red Cross volunteers from Eastern Massachusetts, after working in our communities during Hurricane Sandy, are accepting deployments to states and regions devastated by the superstorm.

Tom Grimsley of Stoughton, who specializes in staffing, has been deployed to New Jersey.

The staffing specialist makes sure volunteers are appropriately assigned to specific duties. This specialist provides services to all staff, including lodging and travel arrangements.

During Hurricane Sandy in Massachusetts, Grimsley was the medical lead ensuring the safety of Red Crossers and the guests in our shelters during our local response.

The American Red Cross has mobilized more than 5,000 disaster workers from all over the country who have served more than 1 million meals and snacks so far. They have also activated more than 320 response vehicles and handed out more than 60,000 relief items.

Tom Grimsley, in accepting this deployment, is gaining experience working with Red Cross experts throughout the U.S. When he returns to Massachusetts, his knowledge will help better inform the Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts' efforts, and help make the local region stronger.

Longtime Resident November 08, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Where can donations for SSDART be fropped off? I could find no address on their web page.
Longtime Resident November 08, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Should have said "dropped off."
Jeffrey Pickette November 10, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Sat. Nov. 10, 10 a.m. - Call this a good problem to have...The Stoughton Police informed me that they are closing the donation period early. Because of everyone's overwhelming generosity, they have run out of space to collect additional donations.


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