The Snowy Owls at the Blue Hills Trailside Museum Still Homeless after Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy destroyed the snowy owls home.


The Blue Hills Trailside Museum is an educational, entertaining day trip for families and individuals who want an adventure, want to explore nature and want to learn.

Located at the base of Big Blue, families can spend a full day walking through the museum, visiting the animals in the small zoo or hiking up, down and around the miles of trails.

Hurricane Sandy hit hard when she toppled over a large tree which was uprooted and smashed onto the Snowy Owl cage collapsing it right in the center. Luckily the two owls were not injured but they are now living inside in close quarters compared to their outdoor cage in the zoo.

Funds are needed to repair their cage and also have another cage as a back up in the event something of this nature happens again.

Please consider making a donation to the Snowy Owl Fund at Blue Hills. Funds received that excede the cost of repairs and improvements will be put towards the on going snowy owl research. This exhibit provides families a unique opportunity to observe native Massachusetts wildlife up close.


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