Who Are Your Canton School Committee Members?

Cindy Thomas, Chair, cindyjsthomas@gmail.com
Cindy Sareault Thomas grew up in Westwood. Cindy has lived in Canton since 1980 and has three children. All three of Cindy's children have attended Canton Public Schools. Cindy is employed by the University of Massachusetts Boston where she is the Director of Employment Services, Training and Technical Assistance for the Institute for Community Inclusion, focusing on employment of individuals with disabilities. A graduate of Boston College, she holds a masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Boston University and is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. She has been active in the community as a Girl Scout leader and religious education teacher and through her work with the JFK CAPT and CAPE.

Reuki Schutt, Vice-Chair, rschutt219@aol.com
Reuki Schutt, a general practice attorney in Canton, is a graduate of Bradford College and The New England School of Law. A native of Massachusetts, she grew up in Carlisle and attended the public schools of that community. Reuki and her husband Roger moved to Canton in 1987 and they are now raising three daughters. One has graduated from Canton High School and two still attend. Reuki enjoys reading, traveling and being involved in volunteer activities such as the CAPT and the Blue Hills Civic Association.



David Emhardt, Secretary, cdemhardt@gmail.com 

Dave Emhardt grew up in Delaware and attended the New Castle County public schools. Dave has lived in Canton since 1993 and has three children with his wife Elizabeth who moved to Canton with her family in 1969. One child is a graduate of Canton High School; one currently attends Canton High School, and one attends Galvin Middle School. Dave is employed by Thomson Reuters where he is a Software Development Manager. Dave is a two time graduate of Northeastern University where he holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master in Business Administration. In 2006 Dave became a member of the Canton Finance Committee, and chaired the committee for two years starting in 2008.



John Bonnanzio, Member, jbonnanzio@comcast.net

John Bonnanzio was first elected to the Canton School Committee in 2002, having previously served four years on the Lt. Peter M. Hansen school governance council. John was re-elected to the committee in 2005, and served as its chairman in 2007 and 2008. After a two-year hiatus, he was re-elected to the committee in 2010. During his years of school service, John has been involved with the renovation and expansions of all school properties, including Canton High. With the support of other town committees and countless volunteers, he orchestrated Canton's first successful operational override in 2008. John has represented the Canton schools on a number of townwide study committees including those dealing with health care, finances, and labor. He also served on the Building A Study Committee (now the Rodman Center).

John has been educated in public and private schools alike. He completed his undergraduate studies at Fordham University in 1981 where he studied political science, and wrote his senior thesis, the World Bank and International Economic Development. Professionally, he has been the managing editor of Investment Decisions, a markets editor and Washington columnist for Cahners Publications, and editor of the Venture Capital Journal. For the past 20 years, he's been editor of several investment publications, most notably Fidelity Insight, one of the nation's leading independent investment advisory newsletters. John is frequently quoted in national and local media outlets, including The Wall St. Journal, the New York Times, and The Boston Globe; he's also been a frequent commentator on a variety of radio and television programs.

A native of New York City, John adopted Canton as his home 20 years ago. He is the past president of the Blue Hills Civic Association and has served on St. Gerard's Finance Council. His three youngest children attend the Canton Public Schools, while his eldest is a graduate of Canton High.  John always welcomes hearing from all members of the Canton community. But please be mindful that School Committee Policy (BBAA - 9) requires that parents with specific student-related issues "refer their questions and complaints to the proper school authorities."



Bob Golledge, Member, bob@golledgestrategies.com

Bob Golledge is currently the principal of Golledge Strategies & Solutions LLC, a consulting firm focusing on environmental and public health matters. Prior to establishing the consulting firm, Bob held several leadership positions including Country Director for the Peace Corps in Ghana, Secretary of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs and Commissioner of MassDEP. Bob and his wife Susan moved to Canton in 1993, with all three of their children attending the Canton Public Schools. Bob grew up in Newton and received a B.S. from the University of Maine at Orono.


 Credit: http://www.cantonma.org/pages/CantonPublicSchools


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