Canton Patch Q&A: Sheila Donovan Pilates Studio

There will be an open house and free yoga classes all of next week for new clients.

Sheila Donovan's Pilates Studio, based on Washington Street in Canton, offers a different approach to exercise.

According to Donovan's website, "what distinguishes Shelia Donovan Pilates Studio is that we are proponents of many disciplines of core development, the foundation of which are pilates-based alignment principles."

Canton Patch recently sat down with Donovan to get an inside look at the studio and to find out more about what has inspired the instructor along her journey. 

Canton Patch: How long have you been teaching and what is your background?

SD: I have been instructing group fitness classes for 30 plus years and instructing Mind Body fitness private, semi-private and group classes for over 15 years. I have a BS degree in Exercise Science/Kinesiotherapy and I am a licensed Massage Therapist.

CP: What types of classes are offered at The Pilates Studio?

SD: We offer Pilates Mat, Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Tai Chi and Zumba large group classes, as well as small group classes in Pilates Reformer, TRX Suspension (including TRX Rip and Halo), Cardiolates and Stability Chair.  We are also a fully-equipped Pilates and Gyrotonic studio and offer private and semi-private sessions in each..

CP: What are the benefits of Pilates/Yoga/Gyrotonic exercise?

SD: Our goal, in essence, is to offer the finest, cutting edge physical conditioning programs with a safe, straightforward approach to learning “core” disciplines and safe cardio training all implemented with a mind body perspective. Our clients experience both physical and personal growth, awareness of postural alignment, and overall improved health.

CP: What is the difference between coming to The Pilates Studio as opposed to working out in a gym setting:?

SD: When you walk through the welcoming farmhouse door, you'll find high ceilings, tile & wooden floors, beautiful plants, a sanctuary with state-of-the-art equipment, flexible class schedules, both private and group, and the personal attention to meet your fitness desires. At the Pilates Studio we are dedicated to providing our students with an intelligent approach to exercise, whether you are looking to begin an exercise program, enhance sports performance, rehabilitate an injury or improve overall fitness and health.

CP: Why should someone choose The Pilates studio over other studios?

SD: What differentiates us from other studios is our passion and education. We
have the passion to aid people in creating strong, well functioning, resilient moving bodies. Our instructors don’t tell you what to do. They educate you by explaining proper alignment, breathing and how your muscles interact so that you understand and fully participate in the whole system. All of the instructors at The Pilates studio have unparalleled expertise. They are all registered and certified in their respective disciplines and they participate in continuing teacher education, training classes and workshops yearly.

Next week, the Pilates Studio will be having an Open House for New Clients from Oct. 21–Oct. 27. The local venue is offering free yoga classes all week, as well.

Visit sheliadonovan.com for the class schedule to sign up for their newsletter. Please call or email ahead to check on space availability. Call 781-821-4448 for more information.


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