Canton Patch Business Spotlight: Inej Salon and Spa

Inej Salon and Spa located In the Ten X Club is the Patch Business Spotlight.


Our business spotlight this week is Inej Salon and Spa in Cobbs Corner located in the Ten X Club. Owners Jeni Teran Olivier and Tia Dodd spoke with Patch.

 Patch: What Services do you offer at your salon and spa, and what is your specialty?

Inej: We offer all types of men's and women's hair services, facials, waxing, massage, nails, make-up (airbrush or traditional), and we even have a specialist with us offering laser hair removal. As far as a specialty, I can honestly say we have something for everyone because our artist's range of talent covers the whole spectrum. We have an artist who specializes in multi-cultural hair, another who cannot be matched when it comes to shaping the perfect brow, and another who is fabulous with our more mature clientele. We love that we have someone for everyone! From trendy to traditional, Tia and I have experience with so many different aspects from working with some of the areas top fashion models and photographers, to high end weddings, to giving the perfect low maintenance cut to a fifth grade teacher. What I believe makes us able to be so versatile with all around good results, is that we are truly passionate about our jobs, and no matter who is in our chair, we actually care and truly want them to be thrilled with the outcome. I'm proud that we are able to make that happen.

Patch: What is unique about your salon and spa?

Inej: We guarantee our guests satisfaction. If someone isn't happy, we want to know why, and we will do what it takes to be sure that you remain a loyal, satisfied client for many years! Also, the fact that we are lucky enough to do business in a wellness environment. We love the idea of connecting fitness, relaxation, and beauty. Something that you won't get at any other salon or spa in the area, we are very excited to be introducing Fortunate Face Minerals and Chae' Organics as our cosmetic and skin care lines. Both are toxic free using no chemicals or synthetic ingredients, unlike the popular and most used skin care/cosmetic lines today. Most brands, even some of the organic lines out there, use chemical solvents and toxic preservatives shown to cause cancer, diabetes, birth defects, hormone disruption, joint pain, and accelerated aging. Using our FFM or Chae' products means healthier, age-defying skin!

Patch: You are located inside of the Ten X Club. Are you affiliated with the fitness club at all?

Inej: Since we have taken over the salon and spa we are a completely separate entity from Ten X. We believe that having a business run by people who are a part of, and have lived and breathed the industry, makes all the difference. So although we love that we are a part of the Ten X Club's wellness environment, we are a separate company. The good news is that we still offer the club's members 10-percent off of any services with us at Inej.

Patch: How did you two become partners, and how do you plan to make that partnership work?

Inej: We actually worked together for almost 10 years in a large upscale salon in Easton. Throughout those years we became very good friends, and although our personalities are opposite, we truly balance each other out. We know what makes the other tick, and we work very well together in any situation because of that. After working together in Easton, we both decided a few months apart to make a move to Canton. After almost two years there it was apparent big changes needed to be made. When the opportunity arose to become salon owners and have the ability to make those much needed changes, we were thrilled. With a fresh start and a new road in front of us, our clients and staff are as excited as we are for this journey. We've already gotten a huge amount of positive feedback from so many people in the one month we've owned the salon, which is really amazing.

Patch: What is the favorite part of your job?

Jeni: I love that after 16 years there is always something new to learn, that no day is ever the same, and that my job puts a smile on people's faces. It's an amazing feeling to know you made someone feel good about themselves.
Tia:  I of course love doing hair, but most of all I love the interaction with my clients. I've also been in the industry 16 years, and even after that amount of time, I know I'll never be bored. With so many different personalities and types of people, my clients keep excitement in my life.

Patch: Where do you see yourselves in the future?

Jeni: I honestly cannot imagine what our future holds. God has taken me on many unexpected paths, and they just keep getting better, so I'll trust he'll put me where I need to be. Right now, I'm happy just where I am, building a good reputation, happy employees, and happy clients is all I need.
Tia: I also can't say for sure what will happen in our future. Life is so incredibly unpredictable, and I'm along for the ride.

For more information, go to www.InejSalonSpa.com or (781)562-1906

Jeni Teran Olivier December 18, 2012 at 09:33 PM
This is great! Thank you Amy!
Cheryl Emerson December 19, 2012 at 12:31 AM
It is THE salon to be at!! Its fun, friendly, clean, and with so many diverse talented employees, there is sure to be someone for everyone.


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