Change the Look of Your Canton Home

You really don't need to change the whole room, take it one step at a time.

Many people are afraid of color and change when it comes to their homes decor. We get set in our ways and are terrified of stepping out of the box.

Don't be!

Cory Santocristo of located at 102 Washington Street in Canton and urges homeowners to step out of the box and incorporate other colors into the scheme.

Santocristo, an interior design student at The Boston Architectural College, works as a design consultant assisting customers with everything from paint to window treatments.

 "Mixing patterns and colors is very important in making a statement," said Santocristo. "New England is classic and much more conservative than other parts of our country. Mixing a print with another print along with a solid and some textures, tells a story. It's finding the balance that makes it all work."

So you want to change your room? It's as easy as flipping your furniture around, putting a new color on your wall or adding a few new throw pillows.

Small things often times make the biggest impact.

"We should use color for colors sake, not because it happens to be in style this season," said Santocristo.


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