Latest Hurricane Sandy Forecast: Most Severe Intensity Monday Night

As predicted earlier, Sandy's most severe wind-lashing is expected this evening, as the hurricane makes landfall in New Jersey.

After a day where thousands of New Englanders have lost power, roads and buildings have been flooded and winds-and-rain have lashed everyone, we're just on the verge of the worst of it.

Forecasters have been warning that Monday evening would be New England's moment of most severe intensity for Sandy. That prediction seems to be right on-target.

"Like a large nor'easter on steroids"

According to Accuweather forecasters, Hurricane Sandy is poised for a New Jersey landfall any moment now.

Those same Accuweather forecasters are calling Sandy a "Northeast catastrophe unfolding." 

"Conditions will deteriorate through the day Monday with the worst of the storm spreading inland Monday night into Tuesday," says Accuweather.

That means the driving rain and whipping winds will be felt hundreds of miles inland, not just right on the coast.

O, yes, and today's full moon will add to high-tide levels for coastal folks.

While Accuweather is forecasting gusts up to 80 mph in the New Jersey area, the usually much calmer weather.gov is forecasting a slightly less blowy 60 mph for southern New England. But even it is saying damaging winds are expected in our area through Monday evening.

Some other forecasters are even a little more chill: meterologist David Epstein on Boston.com says right now is the most intense; Sandy will lessen in intensity from here on out.

So whether you choose to go with the more hyperbolic forecasts or the calmer ones, there is full agreement: Sandy is coming ashore in New Jersey now, and this evening will be New England's moments of greatest wind-and-rain intensity.


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