Patch Picks: The Romance Edition

In honor of Valentine's Day, we have come up with a list of 5 romantic places for a nice dinner, stroll or relaxing time with your sweetie in Canton.

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Today's list, just in time for Valentine's Day, is all about finding romance in Canton.

1. Catch a sunrise over the . Wake your sweet-heart up early for a heart-healthy stroll down Pleasant Street, which is nicely shoveled.  Watching the sun rise over the Res–que romantico.

2. Go skiing with your spouse at ...and leave the kids at home!

3.  Indulge your inner "foodie" by grocery shopping together for a romantic meal that you can cook together. , , –there are tons of specialty shops cropping up around town. Don't forget the

3. Go for a Beer Tasting at . What sweetie would refuse a tasty brew? Head over for an afternoon out that is local and delicious.

4. Surprise your girlfriend with a trip to Cobb's Corner. With all the and available in such a small area, she will easily be able to pick out the "perfect Valentine's gift." Did someone say ?

5. Do not forget the !  Go for a bouquet of aromatic roses or get creative with tulips. Stop by the or to appreciate your loved one. 


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