Retired Canton Police Officer Offers 'Pepper Spray Confident Classes'

You can protect yourself with pepper spray if you know how to use it.

A Canton police officer for 25 years, Jack Spierdowis, now retired, believes that there is no need for guns.

"You can protect yourself with pepper spray if you know how to use it," said Spierdowis. "You would be surprised by how many people ask me how close they should be to the other person before they spray."

Spierdowis teaches pepper gas instruction classes which he calls "Pepper Spray Confident Classes." He teaches how to hold the bottle, the effects of pepper spray and how close you have to be to effectively use the spray, restrictions, delivery and license application.

"A party came after me with a knife while I was working as a police officer," he said. "Rather than using a gun, I pulled out my pepper spray and subdued him. Lots of my students are realtors who have house showings often times alone. They want to feel protected so they take my class and carry a pepper spray in their bag. Also, many people who take Mass Transit, men and women, take my class."

Classes are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings. There are three to four students per class and at the end you will get a certificate upon completion.

Class fee is $65. Those interested should contact 781-821-5625 for more information.


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