Rollover, Arrest on Rt. 128 South and Rt. 95 South

A car rolled over on ramp at Rt. 95 and Rt. 128 South early Tuesday morning.


A rollover on the ramp of Route 95 and Route 128 South led to the arrest of a Boston man.

At 1:02 a.m. a 2004 Audi station wagon driven by a 32-year-old Ablode Ahiahornu overturned as it came speeding up the ramp, damaging four sections of the guard rail.

A 911 call was made to Canton Fire Department. The driver managed to walk away from the vehicle and was arrested shortly thereafter.

Ahiahorna was charged with operating a vehicle with a suspended license, speeding, marked lane violation, intent to distribute class D (marijuana), intent to distribute class B (meth, cocaine, amphetimines) by Massachusetts State Police.

He will be arraigned in Canton Court this morning.


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