Shoplifting Report Leads to Two Arrests for Drug Possession

Norwood Police arrested two parties on Saturday for shoplifting and drug possession; one was a Canton resident. Where arrests are mentioned they do not indicate conviction.

Editor's note: The following is a press release from the Norwood Police Department. 

On Saturday, Dec. 29 Norwood Police arrested 36-year-old Christin Quattrucci of 61 Hayward Dr., Stoughton and 49-year-old Ergin Abaz of 5 Fairview Rd., Canton.

Norwood Police Dispatch received a call reporting that the two were observed shoplifting at T.J. Maxx. It was reported to the responding officers Chris Flanagan and Jared Kullich that the suspects were removing security tags from the merchandise. On scene officers spoke with the two that were still inside the store. During investigation officers discovered merchandise inside Quattrucci’s pocketbook, also inside a shopping bag concealed by Abaz.

Once the two were in custody Officer Flanagan inventoried and towed the vehicle used by the suspects. During the inventory Officer Flanagan found narcotics inside a tote bag along with a doctor’s prescription pad. It was later learned that this tote bag belonged to Abaz. Discovered in the possession of Quattrucci was a prescription pad and pill bottles prescribed by the Doctor listed on the script pad.

Quattrucci was charged with shoplifting, two counts of possession of a Class E drug, receiving stolen property, conspiracy to violate the drug law and possession of marijuana under an ounce. Abaz was charged with shoplifting, conspiracy to violate the drug law, receiving stolen property, two counts of possession of a class B drug for distribution (subsequent offense), two counts of possession of a class B drug (subsequent offense) and possession with intent to distribute a class C drug (subsequent offense).

Both suspects were arraigned in Dedham District Court on Monday.


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