Updated: State Police on Scene in Wooded Area Across from Reebok

Excavation currently taking place at location State Police canine identified this afternoon.

The Norfolk County District Attorney's Office confirmed tonight that the remains found in a wooded area in Canton are not human.

"A very small number of what observations at the scene suggest are animal bones were found in that area over the course of several hours of searching," David Traub, spokesman for the District Attorney, said in a statement tonight.

Canton Police Chief Kenneth Berkowitz also confirmed that the remains are not human.

The bones will be taken to the Chief Medical Examiner's office in Boston for further examination, Traub said. 

State Police Crime Scene Services left the scene in a wooded area across from Reebok International Ltd. on Royall Street in Canton, where a State Police canine signaled a particular area this afternoon.

State Police were in the woods earlier on Wednesday for a routine training exercise when one of the dogs was attracted to an area. Traub said the animal remains attracted the highly-trained canine to the area.

Officials had hung police tape along the edge of Royall Street. There was one State Police Crime Scene Services Truck between 50 and 100 yards into the woods. Just 20 yards from that is where the excavation site was, where several State Police officers were working under floodlights.


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