UPDATE: This Goose Has Lost His Gaggle (And Doesn't Seem to Care) [VIDEO]

Employees at McKesson Medical-Surgical and FedEx are wondering if the goose outside their front door is lost.

Update, Monday, Feb. 19: Doreen Laporte, who originally alerted us to the goose, reported, "Well, he was here up through Sunday. When we came in on Monday, he was gone and we haven’t seen him since. Good news is…..we didn’t find any feathers either!"

Original post: Employees at McKesson Medical-Surgical are worried that a goose outside their front door is either injured, depressed or lost. A goose—which they've named "Petey—has been "living" outside their entrance through the recent blizzard, and continues to do so.

They give Petey lots of carbs. In fact, his name is Petey because of the sheer volume of pita bread he gets. He's also got a water dish, and he stands (and sleeps) on one foot. He roams only a few feet around this dish, which is right outside the front entrance of the business in Northborough.

Doreen Laporte, human resource coordinator at McKesson Medical-Surgical and also a longtime animal advocate, called Northborough Patch looking for help for Petey.

Laporte and coworkers plan to call Massachusetts Wildlife to see if they can get Petey reunited with his family, which presumably is only behind the building near Lake Chauncy. 

Check out this video of the goose, and Laporte, who reminds us "we don't have a duck food vending machine at our work."

Leona Pease, Animal Control Officer February 19, 2013 at 01:38 PM
The best way to get a goose to say in one spot is to feed him lots of carbs. Wouldn't you stay if someone was feeding you free food?


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