Update: Trinity Church Carnival Ride Malfunction Under Investigation

Canton Fire Department awaiting cause of incident.

The is awaiting a report from state inspectors to reveal what caused a ride at the local church carnival to malfunction Sunday night.

rescued stranded passengers who were stuck atop a malfunctioning ride at the . The "Roll a Plane" ride was shut down after the evening incident and a sign on the ride notified carnival-goers that the ride was closed.

According to the fire department, three girls were on the ride at the time of the malfunction. "All three were seated in the same cart and properly fastened in," Canton Fire Lt. Tom Driscoll said.

Despite media reports, the CFD did not use a ladder to extricate the girls. " The ladder was used to check on the girls and explain what was going on and what to expect," Driscoll noted.  "All three were extremely calm."

"Then a firefighter cut away the chain that was jamming the ride," the lieutenant said. "Ropes were used to lower the cart back into the loading position and the girls were able to exit the cart."

Canton firefighters checked all the passengers and one of the girls "was transported by ambulance to Milton Hospital with a minor leg injury."

Watch the Patch video-interview with witness Falasha Harrison of Hyde Park, who captured the carnival ride malfunction on her cell phone camera.

charles January 04, 2013 at 11:42 PM
What is the name of the Carnival Company?


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