Canton May See Some Aid from Federal Government for Costly Winter Cleanup

Governor Patrick is seeking federal assistance to aid towns with the cost of winter storms.

Canton may be in for some relief from the snow-packed winter­–cost wise at least.

Governor Deval Patrick made a request to President Obama for a major disaster declaration for several counties throughout the state, including Norfolk. The request would provide financial assistance to towns and cities “most impacted by the severe snow storm of January 12, 2011,” according to a press release from the (MEMA.) 

“Canton incurred significant snow removal and emergency services costs,” Canton said. “Hopefully some federal funding will help to pay for the ”

Prior to this weekend’s snow, the town has spent $759, 257 on . As of February 24, Canton was facing a $574, 536 deficit for the year’s snow and ice budget.

The town's $184,700 snow budget was spent after cleaning up one and one earlier this winter, according to Town Administrator William Friel.

After a review of snowfall totals, “Berkshire, Hampshire and Suffolk Counties experienced record or near-record snowfalls during this storm. Additionally, the counties of Essex, Middlesex and Norfolk met the federal criteria for a snow assistance declaration as contiguous counties,” the MEMA release stated.

If the emergency declaration is approved, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will reimburse local towns, state agencies and nonprofits for total eligible costs which includes equipment costs, overtime and personnel costs, and the costs of for a 48-hour-straight period.

Doody said he is happy that the governor is seeking federal aid for the winter storms. “Hopefully, MEMA will be successful in recovering some money to help mitigate the storm related costs of fire, police and DPW agencies in the affected counties. In our case, 75% of our storm related overtime costs would be welcome relief to help with an already strained ,” he said.


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