Canton's Senator Joyce Responds to Latest Judge Rotenberg Center Video Battle

The senator responded to a report of alleged abuse at the Canton center that was caught on video.

is calling for reform after another video of alleged abuse at the is being prohibited from being released.

Fox 25 News/myfoxboston.com reported that Cheryl McCollins, the mother of a disabled son Andre, is fighting to get a video released that shows her son being abused at the JRC.

"If the world could see the barbaric practices and the cruel, inhumane treatment…they would be appalled," Senator Brian A. Joyce told Canton Patch in an interview. "There would be public outrage."

"The JRC knows that and wants to protect their $50 million annual operation and fought like hell to avoid having that film released," Joyce told Patch.

The mother told Fox 25 News/myfoxboston.com that the video shows her son being shocked over a seven-hour period in October 2002. She is suing the JRC to get the video released.

"After spending three days in a comatose state, not eating or drinking, Andre was taken to (Boston's) Children's Hospital, where he was diagnosed with "acute stress response" caused by the shocks," Fox 25 News/myfoxboston.com stated in its report.

Currently, the video is sealed under a protective order from Norfolk Superior Court, Fox 25 reports.

"My sense is the JRC’s lawyers were extraordinarily clever and earned their millions in fees by once again suppressing the viewing of these tapes," Joyce told Patch.

The senator also noted which the Attorney General investigated in May 2011, were also suppressed.

"It’s critically important that both of these tapes be released and both of these tapes be shown, so the public can see what goes on in this house of horrors," Joyce told Patch.

Massachusetts needs to take "further steps to protect these innocent children," he said.

Longtime advocate and opponent of the JRC George Deabold said the public has a right to see the tapes.

"This treatment of our most vulnerable citizens should not be tolerated," Deabold told Patch. "The public and the parent have a right to see the tape...The Judge Rotenberg Center is run on public funds and the public has the right to see how its money is being used." 

in the past, said the JRC "has claimed to be above-board and squeaky clean for over a decade. That being said, why is it that the center does not want the tapes to go public? The Center in my opinion is in the process of attempting another cover up."

However, JRC Attorney Michael Flammia told Fox that the "perception that electric shock therapy is torture" is "absolutely wrong."

When Fox asked about why the video is not being released, Flammia said, "The matter is in the hands of the courts and we have complete confidence in the court system on that particular matter."

Advocatefortruth February 27, 2012 at 11:03 PM
Would you take advice from someone on a topic they know nothing about?? Ask a lawyer about what kind of paint to use on your house? Perhaps ask your local mail carrier about dental procedures? Of course not... So why should we listen to Senator Joyce when respectfully, he's never been to JRC, talked with a family member, or even taking some time to sit down with a student and talk about the program himself. It's political slander at it's best and obviously if JRC were such an evil place, it would have been shut down years ago but no, the fact is that the licensing agencies and the courts are in favor of JRC as they know what really goes on inside the building. Politicians never lie, right??? Go to the source and avoid being an ignorant bystander passing judgement on something few knew little of.
George Deabold February 28, 2012 at 08:30 AM
Why would a so called "Advocatefortruth" post Anonymously and hide behind a screen name ? I would love to hear your truth and get your take on this subject.You seem to be a little more than an ignorant bystander passing judgement on the place. You talk about Politicians, Please stand behind your position and statement. Would you post your name address and phone number,so I can give you a call.I don't know Senator Joyce but at least he states his position without lurking in the shadows.I guess you might be ashamed of your apparent pro Rotenberg position.So "Advocatefortruth" did you ever feel the full pain level and output of the GED 4 ? FYI, I asked the center to feel the shock for myself and they ie.. 'Matthew Israel" lawyered up and threatend to sue me. So,I lobbied for Matthew Israels Prosecution over the tape issue.''Advocatefortruth" how did that turn out for Matthew ? "Advocatefortruth" do you buy the Rottenberg Centers Bee sting description of the shock sensation ? I want you to know that I still want the truth and still want to feel the skin shock for myself. George Deabold 631-383-6724 advocate411@optonline.net
George Deabold February 28, 2012 at 09:08 AM
REPORT ON JRC as per THE STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT REPORT June 10,2011 SUBJECT: The Judge Rotenberg Center Recent Events May 23, 2011 : Complaint Investigation Findings Issued by the Department On March 24, 2011 a state complaint against JRC was received by the Department alleging that a student who was not authorized to receive aversive interventions was placed in a movement limatation device (restraint chair with leg and arm cuffs ). Upon investigation the Department found the following: JRC used corporal punishment and aversive interventions with a student during the school day when it placed the student in a physical restraint when there was no situation in which immedediate intervention involving the use of resonable physical force was warranted and when the student was placed in leg and waist restraints and in a 4-point mechanical restraint chair in violation of sections 19.5 (a) and (b),200.7 (b)(8)(i) and 200.22(d) of the NYS Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.
George Deabold February 29, 2012 at 11:03 PM
People of CANTON ! Please send me any information that you have on The Rotenberg center The Video of a disabled teen tied down and given painful electric shocks for seven hours should be made public, The public has the right to know what goes on at that place.That place gets public money ! Public money should not be used to hurt children. Read more: http://www.myfoxboston.com/dpp/news/undercover/teen-tied-and-shocked-for-hours-mom-calls-it-torture-20120219#ixzz1n8qbCtKN
Anon March 09, 2012 at 07:48 AM
Feel free to contact them: http://pastebin.com/4VKvvNQN Glenda P. Crookes (Director): g.crookes@judgerc.org (401) 438-7035 Robert E. von Heyn: r.vonheyn@judgerc.org (401) 949-2862 Marisol Pinto Nichols: m.nichols@judgerc.org / 781-828-2202 ext 2237 Fax 781-828-7547 Mary E. Ferns: m.ferns@judgerc.org (401) 568-2334 Lynn Parrillo: l.parrillo@judgerc.org (401) 943-3692 Karen A. Lachance (Dir. of Admissions): k.lachance@judgerc.org (860) 564-1469 Joseph Assalone: j.assalone@judgerc.org (401) 828-1813 Alexis Hazard: a.hazard@judgerc.org (401) 467-4288 Ann-Marie Iasimone: a.iasimone@judgerc.org (401) 942-2101 / (401) 942-5528 Nathan A. Blenkush: n.blenkush@judgerc.org Rosemary Silva: r.silva@judgerc.org Julie Gomes: j.gomes@judgerc.org Tanya Chiarella: t.chiarella@judgerc.org Doreen Fletcher: d.fletcher@judgerc.org Robert Duquette: r.duquette@judgerc.org Sylvie Dorval: s.dorval@judgerc.org Erin Holland: e.holland@judgerc.org Sarah Burt: s.burt@judgerc.org Robert Kalinowski: r.kalinowski@judgerc.org e.burke@judgerc.org e.azulay@judgerc.org jrcalert@judgerc.org c.rodrigues@judgerc.org Ernie Corrigan 617-399-6017 (office) or 617-875-1229 -Tell them we said "hello"
Casey Fortier April 17, 2012 at 06:37 PM
As a former student at JRC, the adversive therapy that this institution used can be clearly defined as "cruel and unusual punishment" and that I can say as a person who had been treated with these electric shocks, that it has caused me some serious emotional problems! No other institution in the United States uses this method, and neither should this school be allowed to use this as a means of justifying behaviors. I believe that those tapes should be released and made public. This school needs to find another methods than this. We can't do this sort of things to terrorists, but yet mentally ill people can be subjected to this. It's an atrocity to even think about!
Gregory J Miller April 17, 2012 at 08:19 PM
Thank you for sharing your experience, Casey. As a former JRC staff who used to shock students (never a so-called higher functioning student, so I never shocked you), I regret that I ever worked there. When walking by classrooms with non-verbal students who were getting shocked much more frequently, how did you feel as a student watching that happen to other students while you carried the electrodes on yourself? Did you ever consider it to be punishment just to be at JRC watching others get hurt, even when you didn't have a behavior yourself? I still vividly remember terrified looks of anxiety in students when a classmate was shocked. Do you still get flashbacks? I am out in California. I am glad that you are surviving, and I am sorry that you were hurt by your time at JRC.


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