Canton Sees Slight Increase in Population

Census data released for Massachusetts for 2010.

Canton has welcomed a few more residents to town.

Census data was released for the state of Massachusetts on Tuesday, and Canton has grown over the past ten years. In 2000, the town's population was 20, 775 and in the most recent census of 2010, the town's population grew to 21, 561. That is a 3.78 percent increase, an additional 786 residents, that moved to town in the past decade.

According to the U.S. Census 2010, Canton ranks thirteenth of the 28 Norfolk towns in terms of increased population.

Here is how our neighboring towns compare:

  • Milton had a population of 26,062 in 2000 and grew to 27,003 in 2010, an increase of 3.61 percent.
  • Stoughton had a population of 27,149 in 2000 and lost residents over the past decade. Their 2010 population was 26,962, a decrease of .69 percent.
  • Randolph had a population of 30,963 in 2000 and grew to 32,112 in 2010, a 3.71 percent increase.
  • Dedham had a population of 23,464 in 2000 and grew to 24,729 in 2010, a 5.39 percent increase.
  • Sharon had a population of 17,408 in 2000 and lost residents by 2010. The population shrank by 1.17 percent to 17,612. 

Massachusetts has a total population of 6,547,629 according to the 2010 Census, and Norfolk County has a population of 670,850.

The U.S. Census 2010 will release additional data throughout the month of March.


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