Congressman Lynch Talks Politics, Budget Cuts with Canton Residents

Congressman Stephen Lynch met residents at town hall in Canton on Thursday.

U.S. Congressman came to Canton yesterday to talk to residents about the economy, healthcare, jobs and foreign relations.

At Canton Town Hall Thursday afternoon, Lynch addressed a small crowd of about 20 residents, and held a question and answer session as part of a Congress in Your Corner tour across his district.

Board of Selectmen Chairman introduced the congressman, who represents the ninth district, which includes Canton. Lynch hosted the series of meetings from Monday through Saturday to reach out to the 640,000 folks he represents in the ninth district.

"It's been a whirlwind so far," Lynch told the crowd of his .

He gave an overall update of the last few months of Congress, including the 12-member super committee that congress created to cut the nation's debt.

"Their job is to cut $1.5 trillion from the budget," Lynch said.

He assured the crowd that Medicare benefits and social security are the two areas that cannot be touched by cuts. 

The proposed bill's deadline is November 23, he said. Now it's just a "wait and see" as to what the super committee comes up with in terms of making the cuts.

If the super committee fails to come up with a bill, by default, there would be a $1.2 trillion cut across the board, from A to Z, Lynch noted. That would mean some very blunt cuts to all federal programs, he said.

Lynch also touched upon Afghanistan and Iraq, along with job creation, and trade agreements with Columbia, South Korea and Panama.

After his talk, Lynch spent about 20 additional minutes having brief, one-on-one conversations with residents at town hall.

"I'm very proud to represent the Town of Canton," Lynch said.


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