Official Says Rotenberg Center Not Reporting Malfunctioning Equipment

A doctor who served on an FDA advisory panel says there is currently no data on how often the devices are malfunctioning.

Credit: Patch file photo
Credit: Patch file photo

The Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton may not be reporting device malfunctions that result in students being randomly shocked. 

That's what one doctor, who served on a panel advising the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on using the devices that deliver such shocks, said this week, according to MyFoxBoston

The center has been under the microscope in recent years as officials have sought the ban of electric skin shock devices used on students. 

Dr. Steven Miles said that there is currently no data on how often the devices are malfunctioning, but the FDA hasn't determined whether the center would be required to report such incidents, according to MyFoxBoston. 

In April, State Sen. Brian A. Joyce applauded a recommendation by the FDA's Neurological Devices Panel that using the shock devices be stopped. 

"Intentionally inflicting pain on a child with disabilities in order to control behavior is a barbaric practice that should have no place in our state," Joyce said in a statement in April.


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