Senator Scott Brown Says Goodbye in Final Senate Floor Speech

Yesterday, Senator Scott Brown said goodbye in his final Senate floor speech.

Thanking staff members, colleagues, and his constituency, Senator Scott Brown took to the Senate floor yesterday morning to give his farewell address to the Senate.

“Aside from my marriage to my wife Gail and the birth of my two children, serving in the greatest deliberative body for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the People’s Seat, has been the greatest honor in my life that I’ve ever had,” Brown said.

in what was considered to be one of the most competitive senate races of 2012. Brown's term ends on January 3, 2013.

“A person has no business in politics unless they respect the judgment of the voters and if you run for office you’ve got to be able to take victory or defeat in a gracious manner,” he said. “I accept their (voters’) decision in this election with the same attitude and sense of appreciation that I held when I arrived here.”

With very little politics or hints at his future in his final speech, Brown reflected on his time in the Congress’ upper chamber, taking pride in his voting record and his bi-partisanship reputation as noted by Congressional Quarterly and Washingtonian Magazine

“I’m proud to keep that promise to be independent and I’m proud that my voting record has identified me as the second most bipartisan senator in the United States Senate,” he said. “In order to do our business as our country’s leaders we must do our work in a bipartisan, bicameral manner to ensure that the actions taken by Congress benefits all Americans. Not just those of one political party or one political ideology.”

Continuing to promote the need for both Democrats and Republicans to work together, Brown stressed a desire to see both parties work together in order to move the country forward and avoid more political gridlock.

“I have been and still am deeply concerned about the lack of bipartisan efforts to solve our country’s most pressing economic challenges and in turn move our country forward,” he said. “The American people expect us to do it better.”

While Brown will be leaving the Senate, the Wrentham resident may not be gone for long. With Senator John Kerry as a candidate for Secretary of State and the gubernatorial election in 2014, it is possible that another Brown campaign may not be far away.

To listen to the full speech, click here.


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