U.S. Senate Candidate Warren Calls Election 'About Values'

Democrat Setti Warren spoke in Sharon on Sunday.

says incumbent isn’t representing Massachusetts’ values.

Warren, a Democrat and current Newton mayor, said in Sharon on Sunday that Brown, a Republican from Wrentham, has “voted 87 percent of the time lock step with his national Republican leadership.”

“Unfortunately, over the course of the last 18 months, the junior senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, has made the wrong decisions,” Warren told 13 residents gathered at Aaron Agulnek’s Brook Road home.

“He has voted against our state – voted against the values of our state – repeatedly.”

Warren said he had made 80 campaign stops across the state. He spoke to the Foxborough Democratic Town Committee on Monday night.

“This election is about values,” Warren said in Sharon on Sunday.

 “It’s a choice we have about what kind of state and country we are going to be in the future.”

Agulnek said he felt bringing the Senate candidates to Sharon was important.

Warren and Agulnek had attended the same community event.

“I thought he was an interesting story, gave an interesting speech. So, I thought that it would be nice to start getting people in Sharon listening to all of the candidates,” said Agulnek, a member of Sharon’s Democratic Town Committee.

Agulnek expects the committee to invite other candidates to Sharon.

“Me, personally, I’ve been open minded. I haven’t decided whom I’m going to vote for. But I think it’s important (that) people in town start listening and paying attention,” he said.

Sunday, Warren touted his experience: as mayor in his hometown of Newton; in the U.S. government, including time as New England director of FEMA; and in the Navy Reserve, including a year in Iraq as an Navy intelligence specialist.

As Newton’s mayor, “Every decision I make affects hundreds, thousands of my residents,” Warren said.

Warren said addressing unemployment, health care and the nation’s security would be among his priorities if elected to the U.S Senate.

“Government has a role to play to get this economy moving and get job creation going” through investments in such industries as renewable energy and biotech, he said.

Warren called health care “a right.” He said he supports “real sensible solutions” to reducing health care costs.

“The Medicare program should be able to negotiate for drug prices. It doesn’t have that capacity,” he said, adding that Newton’s employee drug program has saved that city millions.

On security, Warren said he supports efforts to “reduce our nuclear arsenal” and to “bring our troops home as quickly as possible.”

Brown, meanwhile, has voted to cut funding for HeadStart, as well as police, firefighters and teachers, Warren said. “These are not the values, the sentiment, of the state of Massachusetts,” Warren said.

“They’re certainly not the values of our country. And they’re not the values I grew up with, in my household.

“You can’t gut the very initiatives, programs, that America gave millions of families – generations of families – opportunity at this critical moment in time in our country’s history.”

Tina Kasimer August 16, 2011 at 12:55 AM
"investments" mean typical Democrat over-spending. And no, Mr. Warren, health care is NOT a right. It isn't a right if, in order to exercise that right, someone else has to pay for it. Same old leftist song and dance.
S Jacobs August 16, 2011 at 05:08 PM
I'm not the biggest Setti Warren fan, but I love how automatically "investments" mean "overspending" to the GOP. In your world I'm sure everyone and every business would be left to their own devices, and that's that. I'd rather live in 2011 than 1900. Fixing roads and bridges and putting people to work doesn't sound crazy. And yes, healthcare for all isn't a bad idea if it's run properly. You are going to pay for it anyways, as hospitals are not going to turn away people at the ER.
Paul Lauenstein August 17, 2011 at 03:31 AM
Setti Warren impressed me very favorably. He advocates addressing the budget deficit through a combination of cutting wasteful spending and taxing the super-rich. He has enough experience in the public arena to know how to identify opportunities to improve efficiency in government. He understands the seriousness of the climate change threat. He listens and speaks well, and has a friendly, engaging personality.


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