Canton Back-to-School Information: Calendars, Start Dates

Find out when students head back to the classroom in Canton this year.

Believe it or not, there is less than one month to go before students in Canton head back to the classroom. 

Students of in Grades 1-12 begin the 2012-2013 school year on Wednesday, Sept. 5. Teachers and staff, however, head back on Tuesday, Sept. 4. It won't be a full week for students, either, as Friday, Sept. 7 will mark a half-day due to professional development.

For the full Canton Public School calendar, visit the Canton Public Schools website, or download the .pdf attached to this article. Also be sure to check out Canton's tips for taking part in a happy and healthy school year.

Sept. 5 will also mark the start of school for students of in Canton. The Blue Hills calendar can be found on the school's website or downloaded as a .pdf attachment from this article.

Blue Hills is also providing students with the school's breakfast menu and the menu from the student-run restaurant, the Chateau de Bleu, which can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word Document from the school's website.


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