Sharon Football Comes Up From Behind to Take Canton 21-14

Sharon comes from a 14 point deficiet to take Canton 21-14.

Sharon upset Canton on Friday in a last-minute comeback to win at 21-14 over Canton.

Sharon was down nearly the entire game, as Canton scored two touchdowns in the first quarter and made a conversion on the second touchdown.

“We made a lot of mistakes in the first half, “ Sharon head coach Dave Morse said. “I give my guys a lot of credit for coming out, staying battling, even in the third quarter when it looked pretty dim, it is what it is, the kids bailed me out tonight. It was a good effort by them.”

With four minutes left in regular play, Sharon brought out their passing game.

Before the fourth quarter, there had been less than five pass attempts the entire game. Sharon’s Sean O’Neill passed a touchdown to Brad Kaufman to give Sharon a touch of momentum and keep them in the game with only 4:31 left in the fourth period at 14-6.

During the kickoff, Canton made their fourth fumble of the night and Sharon recovered to give them another shot to retake the game.

Now chaos ruled during Sharon’s next drive.

Still around the fifty yard line with little to no gains, Sharon set up a fake punt and Canton intercepted a pass from Sean O’Neill intended for Frankie Sullivan. Canton made their fifth fumble of the night, recovered by Sharon to give them a first down all in one fell swoop.

Sharon drove the ball to the endzone literally a minute later. O’Neill made an amazing pass to Frankie Sullivan to bring their score to 12 with :58 left in regular play.

“We thought we’d pass a lot throughout the game, but we had so few plays during the first half,” Morse said.

Sharon’s Sean Asnes ran into the endzone to tie the game with a conversion to tie the game.

Canton was unable to reply to Sharon’s touchdown in the overtime back and forth. Sharon’s O’Neill passed a touchdown to Sullivan again to take the win.

“I’m proud of them and the way they played, they played hard, but ultimately you got to get wins,” Canton head coach Dave Bohane said. “Ultimately as head coach you have to take responsibility.”

conk19 October 07, 2012 at 01:47 AM
You have the players names wrongs as well as the times and what happened during the game. Please revise and repost


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