'We Get To Make The World Better'

Cottage Street students and Kohl's A-Team team-up on Earth Day.

On Earth Day, second-grader Dale Burdett dug ground for two apple trees that his family purchased for the school.

“You should always have an apple tree at your school,” he said, referring to the long history of apples and teachers.

Friday, Cottage’s Cougar Community and Kohl’s Department Stores’ charitable wing celebrated Earth Day sprucing up the school playground and garden.  

New trees were planted, old leaves were raked and some beautifully designed flower beds were given a fresh layer of mulch. 

“I love Earth Day because we get to help our world, pick up trash and I like how we get to clean up our school”, said Riley Johnson, a third-grader watering the newly planted trees.

“We get to make the world better,” Burdett added.

Kohl’s sent employee volunteers, known as the A-Team, armed with rakes and garden supplies, to help with the big sprucing.

Dressed in a purple shirt with the logo “Kohl’s Cares for the Community,” team leader and Cottage parent Tracey Sullivan explained the program.  

Non-profit groups nationwide are invited to request the A-Team’s help on their community service projects.  The A-Team volunteers its time as well as a substantial donation to the non-profit organization.

“Kohl’s likes to help local communities with these A-Team events, which are beneficial both to Kohl’s and the nonprofits they collaborate with. And we’ll be back!” Sullivan said, smiling.

One recent Cottage alum, Jessica Davis, now a sixth-grader at the , was shocked by the total landscape-makeover of the school.

“I’ve been here for six years and I’ve never seen it this clean.  And I’ve never seen so many people working so well together,” Davis said.

Principal John Marcus was equally impressed.

“I’m thrilled to see so many volunteers this year, especially on school vacation week. I am very grateful to Kohl’s for their help and their financial contribution of $1,500, which will help support further beautification projects,” Marcus said.


Jeannie Capone April 25, 2011 at 02:30 PM
Correction: My apologies for the mis-spelling of the A-Team Leader and Cottage Street School Parent who helped organize this event, Stacey Sullivan. Great work, Stacey!


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