Bank of Canton Tops $100,000 in Charitable Donations to Town of Canton

The Bank of Canton donated $11.500 to the Canton Food Pantry.

Through its Affinity Credit Card Program, made a donation of $11,500 to the Canton Food Pantry – bringing the total donations to the Town of Canton to $100,000. 

When Bank of Canton established its Affinity Card in 1998, it earmarked a portion of net purchases and cash advances from this customer credit card to benefit local causes and organizations.   

“The Bank of Canton is committed to reinvesting in the community where we do our business,” said Stephen P. Costello, President and CEO of Bank of Canton.  “In order for our bank to be successful and to prosper, the communities where we do business must also be successful and prosper. There’s a direct correlation between us."

“We also want to create a link between our customers and the community,” he said.  “When somebody becomes a credit card customer of Bank of Canton, they’re also supporting the community.”

“Bank of Canton is committed to the communities we serve, and the Canton Food Pantry epitomizes the concept of giving back to our town, helping those less fortunate,” Costello said.  “We are proud to partner with such a worthwhile organization."

Founded in 1835, Bank of Canton supports a wide range of nonprofit organizations throughout the Canton area with direct donations in addition to its Affinity Card program.

-Press release contributed by Bank of Canton.


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