Kathy Esper
Kathy Esper is the co-author of Inspiration to Realization II, and a contributing writer in How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy.  She hosted and produced True Blue, a well-loved cable access television program in Greater Boston exploring the transformational process of moving in new directions with integrity.
Her in-depth work in the field of transformation has created and reinvented businesses and relationships for over 18 years.  As the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Kathy Esper Enterprises, an innovative coaching company, she partners with horses and works with the art and science of acting and improvisation.  This work facilitates the illumination of solutions, and Kathy interprets and transfers what plays out below the surface and beneath the words to de-mystify and provide practical solutions for moving forward. Kathy earned her B.A. in Sociology from Saint Anselm College, and holds her MBA from Babson College, one of the nation's top entrepreneurial schools.  Her interactive learning environments align with her social mission to improve the quality of life for earth and all her creatures. 
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